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‘Nature Morte / Still Life’ painting by Caroline Maurel

October 6, 2008

‘Nature Morte / Still Life’. Painting by Caroline Maurel, a contemporary French painter who lives near Paris and creates great paintings with an extreme level of detail.
Many of Caroline’s works are based on Barbie and Ken and other plastic characters that surround our modern lives and show us their other or darker side.

This particular painting is a still life of the famous Barbie Dinner Table Set. It is on the Slabbers’ Dining Room Wall now!
When people see it for the first time it usually takes some time before they realise that this is not painted ‘a bit out of proportion’, but that they are actually looking at Barbie proportions.

As Caroline Maurel states on her website: “Les jouets font l’Art”.


caroline maurel still life

caroline maurel still lifeClick here to see the large file on Caroline Maurel’s website to ‘feel’ the plastic
and here to see this and other work in progress.
(Opens in new window).

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