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Dead Rabbit (with real bullet hole) now available as Limited Edition Signed Print.
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Dead Rabbit / Limited Edition Print

Dead rabbit in living room



Affordable Art Fair…

February 19, 2013

Preparing my Art for the AAF (Affordable Art Fair) in Brussels this weekend, 21-24 February.

Find us at Modern Images / Printed Matter / Stand D2
Location: Tour et Taxis

 Framed artwork waiting at the framestore


Preparing 'Dead Rabbit' for the fair.


Who Ate My Lunch, is an educational infographic that tells the story about wealth in the US by way of metaphor showing how 100 sandwiches are shared by 100 people. It’s clear the system doesn’t work when wealth is so concentrated at the top.

This infographic is a concept of Sharon Kurlansky for  and is based on the work of the American economist, Robert E. McDaniel, ESQ.

Please feel free to spread this infographic message all over the web. Reprint, reblog and distribute as much as possible to get this infographic seen by as many people as possible. It may change their future lunch ;)

When you use this or pass on to others please be aware of permission and notification below: (it is also printed on the infographic)

©2012 Sharon Kurlansky / Ronald Slabbers:

You are free to reproduce / distribute this work informationally or for educational purposes with the proper © attribution. You may not create derivative works or use this for commercial purposes.

All other rights reserved. Any uses beyond this permission must be cleared with the copyright holders.
This infographic is based on the work of the American economist, Robert E. McDaniel, ESQ.