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November 7, 2017

Okay, okay…#METOO and #YOUTOO
But #MEFIRST! I made this Illustration ‘Sexual Harassment’ around 1992 for Dutch Playboy Magazine!Sexual-Harrasment-480


New infographic…

September 13, 2013

‘The Hypophysis’

Just finished the first infographic for a series of medical brochures.
Each brochure deals with another medical subject, this one explains the working of the hypophysis,
that controls important body functions and the hormonal system.
For the time being the brochures will only be published in Dutch :(

infographic illustration hypophysis


A Bright New Year…

December 30, 2012

Conceptual illustration: A bright new year



December 20, 2012

conceptual illustration red pencilEditorial illustration for an article about voting in the non western world.


Vacuum Cleaning

November 9, 2012

vacuumcleanerHere’s a digital remake of an analog illustration that I did earlier  as one of my weekly cartoons in FD, Dutch Financial Daily.


‘The Political Toolkit’

November 1, 2012

editorial conceptual illustration - the political toolkit‘The Political Toolkit’
Editorial illustration for Forward Magazine (USA) Nov/Dec issue,
to accompany an article on the strategy and tactics lobbyists from the metal industry use to get their policy passed through the US house.

Click here to read the article.




Who Ate My Lunch, is an educational infographic that tells the story about wealth in the US by way of metaphor showing how 100 sandwiches are shared by 100 people. It’s clear the system doesn’t work when wealth is so concentrated at the top.

This infographic is a concept of Sharon Kurlansky for  and is based on the work of the American economist, Robert E. McDaniel, ESQ.

Please feel free to spread this infographic message all over the web. Reprint, reblog and distribute as much as possible to get this infographic seen by as many people as possible. It may change their future lunch ;)

When you use this or pass on to others please be aware of permission and notification below: (it is also printed on the infographic)

©2012 Sharon Kurlansky / Ronald Slabbers:

You are free to reproduce / distribute this work informationally or for educational purposes with the proper © attribution. You may not create derivative works or use this for commercial purposes.

All other rights reserved. Any uses beyond this permission must be cleared with the copyright holders.
This infographic is based on the work of the American economist, Robert E. McDaniel, ESQ.



dead rabbit T-shirtI’m finally working on the T-shirt version of my DeadRabbit painting!
I’ts actually a slightly more graphic vector remake of the original acrylic painting.




Cover Illustration: Book publishers, marketingCover Illustration for Dutch Book trade magazine BookBlad: ‘Book publishers need to find new marketing ways to get attention for their new books’


I was asked by Dutch book trade magazine ‘BoekBlad’ to do an illustration to accompany an article about what went wrong in the music industry.

The current book market can learn from the mistakes that the traditional music industry made: after the success of the CD they behaved arrogantly, did not prepare for the new digital revolution and made itself successfully  needless.

infographic llustration: evolution of the music industryTo see the larger file and more detail please click here.


Three  illustrations (spread 42 x 21 cm each) for the annual report for Egeria. 
Egeria is a fully independent Dutch private equity firm, targeting controlling stakes in mid-market companies in The Netherlands or in companies having a Dutch link.

Check the website portfolio for the complete set of illustrations here.

Conceptual illustration SIF Annual Report


And the winner is…

April 20, 2012

conceptual illustration: cocaine use and misuse by the bankers in the City of London.

I’m proud to share the news that my illustration ‘Snow White in the City’
is selected for publication in the worlds most prestigious Illustration Annual,
‘the Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2012’.

Client: 106 magazine, a Cass Business School publication. London, UK.


The ultimate Q & A…

March 22, 2012

Editorial cartoon: question mark

Vintage Ron!

I made this drawing in 1980.
Technique: Rotring pen and airbrush.
Published in books, magazines and as postcards.


6 posters for HU (University of Utrecht) for 6 studies
in building and building management.
Made in conceptual cooperation with Theo Nieveen Copy

 See the complete series of poster here.

Poster Hogeschool Utrecht Ruimtelijke ordening


conceptual illustration mortgage‘Mortgage’.
As part of a cooperation between Open Cartoon Society ‘ToonPool’ and the Berlin Metro this illustration is broadcasted in June on 4000 video screens in Berlin’s subway trains.