Conceptual illustration & more serious fun

February 2012

Tonight was the opening of the exhibition ‘A Perfect Day’ in Amsterdam. 
A Perfect Day is a collection of art in the form of drawings with text, with observations,
thoughts and ideas about life, funny, clever, poetic, ironic and hilarious.
A Perfect Day includes the work of more than 50 international artists.

Me at a perfect day exhibition

One of my drawings is on the wall,
how low can you go…

Also a small selection of my ‘Saul Steinberg The New Yorker Cover Collection’ is
an important part of the show.


 This was the famous Saulberg quote used to promote this show on the website, invitation etc.:

‘People who see a drawing in the New Yorker will think automatically thats it’s funny
because it is a cartoon. If they see it in a museum, they think it’s artistic; if they find it
in a fortune cookie they think it’s a prediction.’
– Saul Steinberg…